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Rachel's Voice Studio

Offering Instruction in Music Performance
​Rachel Roy is a voice coach who offers classes in singing, piano, music theory and audition prep.
No matter your age, no matter where you're located, I can't wait to meet you!
Currently offering classes both in-person and through Zoom!

Lesson Information

I offer lessons in all vocal styles with regard to the individual's age, level of experience and personal goals. I believe that students' needs are of the utmost importance and I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, most of my clients are from repeat customers and referrals. 


Lessons will focus on learning about your instrument - how to use it and how to understand the language of music. Each student is unique so what works for one might not work for another. We will learn about breath control, anatomy of the voice/vocal mechanism, music theory, solfege, sight-reading, scales, chord identification, score analysis, audition/performance techniques, character development, musical genres and basic piano skills. 


60Min   $225

30min   $125

(Paid on the first of the month)

Weekly Lesson Rates

60min   $60

30min   $35

(Paid at each lesson)

Rates for occasional (drop-in) lessons/coachings are $70 per hour

This option should be used if you are unable to commit to a weekly lesson time.

Scheduled as availability allows. 

Offering Lessons In:

Piano Lesson
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    College Audition Prep

    Art Song





    Music Theory

Musical Theatre
    Audition Prep
    Legit. & Belt
    Monologue Coaching
    A cappella




    Contemporary Christian

    Service Planning

Your Musical Adventure Starts Here!

Why Rachel's Studio

Meet Rachel Roy

Why Rachel's Voice Studio?

 Jeane H.

"Rachel is very patient with my daughter, who has a learning disability. We couldn't be happier with her as my daughter's Voice Teacher. Rachel makes the lessons fun, and my daughter is learning a lot of great techniques. Highly recommend!"

Jo-Anna T

My son started taking piano lessons with Rachel 2 years ago when he was 8.  He was so shy, I really didn’t think it would go very well.  However, Rachel has a way of building one’s confidence and helping them shine.  He immediately started improving and really enjoys his weekly lessons.  He has grown so much, he has even joined the junior choir at church.  I give all the credit to Rachel and the patient way she teaches.  I highly recommend!

Kristin K.

"Rachel by far is the best voice teacher I have ever had, vocally and personally. My vocal range has grown because of Rachel's teaching and expertise.  Lessons with Rachel are always a lot of fun, and I enjoy singing so much because of it. I hope if you're in need of a voice teacher, you study with Rachel because you won't regret it!"

 Joyce S.

"Rachel is a wonderful teacher and mentor for my daughter. She is patient and kind; her lessons are technique orientated, yet flexible and fun. Rachel's methods have expanded my daughter's vocal range, technique and performance abilities. As a piano teacher and member of NJ Music Teacher's Association for over thirty years, I am pleased to see the progress and enjoyment by daughter has attained from her voice lessons with Rachel. Great teacher-highly recommend!"

 Jordan A.

"Rachel Roy has been my vocal coach for almost two years and in that time my voice has grown and improved so much. She caters each lesson to fit your style and musical preference, while also taking you outside the box to open you to a wider variety of musical tastes. Although there are many things I could mention, one thing I love about Rachel is that she connects with her students, not just through music, but also on a personal level. She truly cares about every individual and has a drive to see them succeed, as they grow in their talent, and in life in general." 

 Teena L.

Rachel is an amazing voice teacher. Excellent vocal technique mixed with an endless supply of positivity and encouragement. Friendly and approachable, making communication easy for both students and parents. The 5 years my daughter has been under her direction have been beyond my expectations. 

Gerard K.

Rachel is a wonderful teacher and mentor.  Knowing that Rachel was Emma’s Voice teacher was a heartwarming relief for us.  Rachel has a caring and patient approach that is balanced by her ability to encourage and inspire her students to stretch themselves and take risks.  She has helped Emma trust that she could do the work required to sing at competitions and perform at recitals.    The experience that we all had with Rachel could be described with one word, joy.  Often, I would sit on the porch waiting for Emma and be inspired by not only the work they both put in, but by how much they both enjoyed what they were doing.  When they were not working at their craft, they were laughing out loud.  Rachel truly cares about her students and attended Emma’s performances to support her.  I always look forward to the beautifully hosted recitals that enable her students to train toward a goal and allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to perform in a close and intimate setting.  Emma is now a freshman at Catholic University, majoring in musical theatre.  She is doing what she loves to do and Rachel has had a major role in that.  We could not thank her enough.


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